1/10/15 Where it’s at.

Since the last post I’ve added quite a few more image galleries to the site.  Most of these were simply moved over from the old PHP Gallery or the Coppermine Photo Gallery albums.   The AT Hike 1990 page got special treatment.  Those images were newly-generated in Lightroom aka Lr.  I’m liking Lr more and more as I get used to it.  It’s going to be very useful for generating images for this site.  I also like the notion of non-destructive editing.  It keeps one from having to make many different copies of the same image.

There are still gobs of details to sort out.  Lr’s “stacks” only work within one directory.  Bummer.  I often have versions of the same image scattered all over my computer.  Sometimes under different names.  Sometimes from different scans.  I’ve explored some of the developing/retouching features in Lr, and they’re very nice.  This stuff has come a long way since Photoshop CS2.  I used to think the clone tool was the cat’s meow but the healing brush is downright magic.

NextGen Gallery continues to annoy and confound me.  It’s too much in some regards, not enough in others.  A tease.  I never did get a response to my support ticket from last week.  Though I doubt if any of the commercial (non-free) plugins and themes are any different in that regard.

I might add, the folks at PHP Webhosting are the best.  I rarely get to wait even 24 hours for a response to a support ticket, and they’ve never once failed to resolve my issue on the first try.  A big Like.

So I’m muddling along, still experimenting with all this newfangled web tech… so different from just a few years back.  Anything you see here and now is strictly experimental and temporary.  It can and will change on a whim.

In the meantime there’s work, as in the old nine-to-five routine, which is absorbing its share of my mental effort.  Winter’s here and it’s damnably cold outside, so rather than skiing or hiking right now I’m writing this blog to nobody.  Enough for now.  Time to go do something useful.

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