Road Trips 2012-2014

Clearwater Festival June 2014, the year following Pete Seeger’s death.  David Bromberg, Rory Block.  Sheila, Merry and me.

Island Pond vacation house,  Summer 2013

Island Pond vacation house,  Summer 2014

Meetup with Lou and Bob 8/14.  Listened to a bluegrass band at Harbor Loop, ate lobsta.  Then checked out this big Coast Guard sailing boat, then a light dinner.

NYC & DC 12/12.  Road trip, Boston to NYC to DC and back.  The first was right around Christmas 2012.  Winter solstice music gathering.  Honey was still OK.  This was Merry’s and my introduction to two new family members, Nicholas and Rafa.  Jessica and Arturo were living near Dale City/Woodbridge (south of DC.)  Merry and I visited the Udvar-Hazy Aeronautical museum out near Dulles. [Ed – there are better pictures of that, somewhere.]

NYC & DC 12/12 and 4/13.  The second of two NYC + DC trips, this one end of April and early May 2013.   Honey was slipping away.  Merry left DC by train a few days early, to arrange for Honey’s care at home.  I enjoyed hanging out with the Gallegos family and Jess’s two boys.  We even got a little side trip in to Shenandoah National Park, and I walked a quarter mile of the AT there, with Rand.

ALDHA Gathering, Williamstown MA, October 2014.  Merry was there with me, not sure she’s going to want to go to any more Gatherings after that.  We’ll see.