Welcome to the new Terrapin Photo.  As opposed to the old Terrapin Photo.

Whereas the old site was for showing off my “fine-art” images, this new site will be more about the people I know, the places I’ve seen, and the paths I’ve walked.  Whereas the old site was static and out of date, this one’s high tech, interactive and has my full attention.  Whereas the old site had small low-res images, this one has large, hi-res images.

Whereas the old one wasn’t much to look at on a smartphone or tablet, this one rocks.

As of 1/29/2015, the blog is a month old.  The galleries so far are about my hiking adventures on the Appalachian Trail and elsewhere, as well as some of the notable places I’ve visited with Merry.  For the hikes, if a journal exists, there’s a link to it on the corresponding gallery page.

In the menu under More… are informal photos of friends and kin, events, art by Honey and Bernie Kassoy, and other goodies as yet uncategorized.

Please be patient while navigating the site — the images are large and numerous.  Galleries may be slow to load. I think they’re worth the wait.  Thanks!

Rafe Bustin