Hiking Archives


Most of these photos are from 1977 to about 1989 or so, the majority of them in the White Mountains but also a handful from Mt. Katahdin and South Turner Mountain in Baxter State Park.

There were untold number of such hikes. Sadly, the photos represent a small number of these.  Most of these hikes were with girlfriends or the fabulous Two Bobs.  We ranged all over the White Mountains.  These were almost always weekend hikes.  Five to eight miles a day, tops. Heavy packs, not too many miles, had awesome fun and luxurious camps.

Three separate visits to Baxter State Park.  On the first (’82) Bailey and I climbed South Turner.  In ’83 we returned with the Two Bobs and their friends for an assault of Katahdin via Pamola, Knife Edge and Cathedral.  Another trip a year or two later (no photos, and forgettable.)

At some point all of this started turning into thru-hike preparation.

This group gets its own gallery — our second trip to Baxter State Park, and our first actual summit of Katahdin — me, the Two Bobs, and two others, Friends of the Bobs from LTX.  Perfect weather, awesome views.  Really the hike of a lifetime.  Knife Edge was a thrill, and I’m not sure I’d have the nerve to do it again.  These are film (color negative) “scans” made using my RX-100, a light table and a macro rig, on 1/30/15.  Not up to Nikon LS-8000 quality.

I 1979 and 1980 I lived in a suburb of Portland, Oregon.  While there I did a few hikes.  This first one is from a day trip up South Sister, near Bend, in the southern part of the state.

From an overnight hike around the base of Mt. Adams (Washington.)  This may in fact be the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail.)  Not sure exactly how I found that hike but it was a beauty.

Newly-scanned using RX-100 and lightbox rig.

  • Chocorua day hike, 3/90
  • Amicalola Falls State Park, Springer, Stove Creek Falls
  • 1970s on Franconia Ridge (BW)
  • unidentified hike w/Bob B. (Flume?  Franconia?)