Great Meadow

Great Meadow National Wildlife Refuge, Concord, MA.

A few photos from film.  [Ed: not necessarily the best or as nicely presented as they could be…]

November 7, 2014, first visit with the RX-100.

A short stroll 1/20/2015 along icy trail.  Starting and ending at Foss Farm in Carlisle, along the river heading north  then circling back again. Very little snow this winter so far but freezing rain just a few days ago.  Microspikes would have been useful.

With Merry, 10/30/15

There are numerous tracts within the Great Meadow NWR.  So here are some maps to help sort ’em out.  Most of my hikes have been in the tract just off Monsen Road in Concord (near Rte. 62).