Honey and Bernie’s Art

As a challenge and nudge to the Kassoy daughters, and for other reasons besides, I’ve added a tree of pages dedicated to Honey and Bernie’s Art — all of which should eventually be a site of its own.  Of course it’s just a mere sketch, a proposal.

Finally got out of doors yesterday and took a walk along an icy trail in Carlisle.  If I go out walking in the woods today, I’ll be taking the microspikes along.

Marty G. took me out for beer and pizza last night.  Enjoyed the company, the brew and grub, tho I think I overindulged a bit.  Stomach growled in protest.  Thanks, Marty.  Marty wants to be sure I know what I’m doing with this retirement idea.  No Dad, it’s not half-baked, it’s completely baked.



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